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- Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Heather Harpaz
Rosh Pina, Israel

So much time has passed and I have not written anything - the truth is that I just can't believe that you have passed into another realm.
Perhaps living far away makes it possible for me to imagine that next time we pop in you will still be there.
YOur home was always a second home for my children, a safe place to be - so many memories come to mind as I think back over the years that we lived together as neighbours. The birhday party that you and Tommy had together, the picnics on the carpet, the holiday at Nave Yam and so many other happy times. And you always smiling, your big eyes speaking when you sometimes were quiet, your softness and gentless - always such a pleasure to be around you. And most of all I remember the last time I saw you. We popped in as we do and there you were, standing in the kitchen - so amazingly beautiful -already an Angel. I could not stop staring -my eyes were glued to what I was seeing and experiencing just by being in your presence. I remember feeling embarrased that I could not remove my eyes from you and mentioned it to Chezi when we left who also noticed something new shining through you...Little did we know that you were preparing to move on...
LIving up north has made it a little bit easier because part of me imagines that when I pop in next time you will be there and in my heart I know that there must be reason that God has chosen you to be with him.
Yaaronet, we miss your smiling face and your big eyes. We miss you being a part of our lives.
Nattie, Zippi, Tal and Dafnonet - May Yaara's LOve fill your hearts and guide you through these difficult times.
Thank you for always being there for me and my family. Daffy, thank you for your friendship with Maya...with love and blessings for easier times.
(sorry that this is in ENglish)