..."Like a last greeting,
While still in hospital,
You painted a delightful picture of Tulips.
From each bulb opening new life.
The joy, peace and hope that meet our eyes
Is what you left to us forever,
A last gift,
And the painting is a symbol of your image,
Your gentleness and beauty, your soul…"

Grandma Mammy


Extracts written by Grandma Mammy

In the family greenhouse filled with sun and joy,
Among beautiful flowers growing there,
A charming flower grew,
A single "Bird of Paradise",
And this was Ya'ara.

She was an enchanting girl,
A happy child,
Beloved of her parents and family,
Known by all as 'princess'.
Indeed, she looked like a princess, beautiful and tall
And the long coppery curls on her head were a crown for the charming person she was.

Ya'ara loved to travel.
She loved Nature, the blue sky.
She was like a fish in water when swimming in the sea,
fields of flowers spoke to her.
Lovingly she listened to the sound of trees
And watched birds curiously in their endless flight.

Dear Ya'aronet,
You left our life on an evil wind,
A light, white, pure feather,
You disappeared into endless distant skies
And journey there among moon and stars.

Going into your room is hard and painful,
Everything is the same as it was when you were alive.
The large teddy bear is on your bed,
Very sad and silent,
He waits for someone to enter the room,
Tears shine in his eyes
And he presses the small bear to his heart.
On the glass in your door
There is a wonderful painting,
A starry moonlit night that you, yourself painted.

Dear Ya'aronet,
We all miss you so much,
And I always look for you in every corner,
Among groups of girls passing in the street,
I see your lovely figure among them.
I try to sharpen my hearing
And swear I hear your voice.
I feel you at the table
When we meet for Friday night supper
And I hear your voice, interrupting, during political discussions.

At night, I look up at the moon and stars
As if I might find you on a star,
But the stars shy away from me
And disappear behind a cloud
As if they are to blame for the tragedy
that has befallen us.

And everything in life slowly passes.
Happiness passes but not the pain,
Everything passes because fate so decrees.
Everything passes, only one thing remains,
A memory of love and happiness that has ended.
Everything will pass. Only one thing will remain,
Never to be forgotten,
Our beloved Ya'ara - it is you.

In memory of Ya'ara
My beloved grandchild

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- Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Heather Harpaz
Rosh Pina, Israel

So much time has passed and I have not written anything - the truth is that I just can't believe that you have passed into another realm.
Perhaps living far away makes it possible for me to imagine that next time we pop in you will still be there.
YOur home was always a second home for my children, a safe place to be - so many memories come to mind as I think back over the years that we lived together as neighbours. The birhday party that you and Tommy had together, the picnics on the carpet, the holiday at Nave Yam and so many other happy times. And you always smiling, your big eyes speaking when you sometimes were quiet, your softness and gentless - always such a pleasure to be around you. And most of all I remember the last time I saw you. We popped in as we do and there you were, standing in the kitchen - so amazingly beautiful -already an Angel. I could not stop staring -my eyes were glued to what I was seeing and experiencing just by being in your presence. I remember feeling embarrased that I could not remove my eyes from you and mentioned it to Chezi when we left who also noticed something new shining through you...Little did we know that you were preparing to move on...
LIving up north has made it a little bit easier because part of me imagines that when I pop in next time you will be there and in my heart I know that there must be reason that God has chosen you to be with him.
Yaaronet, we miss your smiling face and your big eyes. We miss you being a part of our lives.
Nattie, Zippi, Tal and Dafnonet - May Yaara's LOve fill your hearts and guide you through these difficult times.
Thank you for always being there for me and my family. Daffy, thank you for your friendship with Maya...with love and blessings for easier times.
(sorry that this is in ENglish)

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