From the gray sea-bed
to the top-most peak of the world
regret for those gone
will always be felt


You are the one we lost on the way,
How did you come to slip through our fingers?
The warm, burning fire
Suddenly gone out with no warning.
The place you left behind,
You leave stunned.
True, fate strikes impartially
Yet why were you on that list?
Your radiant beauty; warmth and love you scattered out in every corner.
I was always astonished by how easily you saw life,
What are we living for, after all?
If you don't succeed today, never mind, we'll work it out tomorrow.
You always knew what to do in difficult moments.
You always knew how to get out of tough situations.
You never missed an opportunity to enchant us.
Since you disappeared, everything has frozen.
Time stands still, like in a shipwreck.
Just life going on.
Just life without the habit,
The habit of dropping in for a minute,
The habit of phoning you when there's nothing to do
And, today,
We can no longer be swallowed up in your big eyes,
No longer see your sweet face,
Never again touch your hair,
Never again enjoy your presence.

We miss you,


Now, a year later, I can write to you.
Now, a year later, I write about you.
About our princess.
The princess we share, her memory,
Her captivating smile; beauty; radiance.
Lost in all the tenderness,
Treasure every one of those magical moments.
Although you belong to all of us,
Whenever we were together,
I felt as if you belonged only to me,
Listened only to me,
Your infinite blue eyes fixed only on me.
So big they were, that I used to lose in them, to cling to.
You always knew when, When to smile, when to support.
When to weep with us, when to rejoice.
You did only good, only good, because that's you, our Ya'aronet we can't do without,
And Ya'aronet, you will always be with us, belong to us,
Daughter, sister, and friend.
We will always remember and always, always love you.
And now, a year later,
I understand, my princess, that although you belong to all of us, Ya'aronet,
More than this, all of us in fact belongs to you.

Adi Shapira


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You and I share so many memories.
Although we only knew each other for one year, within a few days I already felt as if you were my best friend.
You were the first to visit me in my new home.
The first time we played truant together was the annual school trip that didn't interest us as much as the thought of sleeping through those days.
We were just as "serious" about playing truant as we were about examinations! You, Adi Ido and me would get together. We would spend 50% of the time eating, and find more interesting occupations (like dyeing our hair or going to study at the beach).
One of the things we were serious about was the Purim Party. After a lot of thought we decided to dress up as Sex Kittens. We asked Elinor to do our make-up and, in the end, the Kitten idea was most successful.

One of your most special qualities was your calmness and it's why I so liked being with you. You were always calm and made everyone around you calm. You never let anyone fight with you.
Yuval once said to me: "No matter what she does, I just can't get mad at her".
Once we went on a jeep trip with Yuval's friends, except that Yuval stayed behind in the army. You decided to go anyway.
In the middle of trip I suddenly noticed that you were calmly driving a jeep although neither of us had a license. Naturally I also wanted to drive and Nimrod agreed (although he later regretted it). While I was driving, we almost drove into 10 trees.
Everyone was hysterical. But you sat laughing in the back the whole way and even enjoyed it.
Today, we all miss you so much, and when we're all together, there isn't one who doesn't feel your absence. So many things remind me of you, you will always remain in my heart.

Miss you a lot,

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