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...You must watch the sun rise with me one day. It's just amazing!!

First, the air is cool and there's a smell of morning. Then it starts getting light and the birds begin chirping. The light is pleasant; a pale bluish light with the fragrance of dew, of a good morning, and the air is cool and good to breathe.

It stays like this quite a long time. Then, around ten to six, the sky begins to redden. Then you see that one place gets particularly red. And suddenly, among the buildings, one corner of the sun emerges in shining orange and then, like a rising ball floating in water, this corner grows and rises and, very slowly, the entire sun becomes visible. It's an incredible sight, the buildings colored an indescribable orange.

If there are clouds above or around the sun, especially as it goes into them, the sun's rays emerge and the clouds they touch turn from blue-gray to soft white that you just wants to touch them or rest the head on them.

Even if the rays can't be seen touching the cloud and painting it white, its edge is a wonderful shining white.

No matter what, from time to time, you just have to stay and watch the sun rise. It's even more beautiful than watching sun set over the sea. It's just the most amazing sight and it makes me want to go out for a walk and breathe in the air.

Every now and then you simply have to see this magic.

From a letter to Yuval

This is what Ya'ara was like


Ya'ara was born on the 9th February, 1980.

She had big blue eyes; golden curly hair, dimples and a wide smiling mouth.

Ya'ara grew up a child of Nature. She loved animals, trees, flowers and golden fields, the blue of the sea and sky, and the beauty of Nature.
Her beauty was combined with music, art, the youth movement and many dreams.

For 18 years Ya'ara floated among us like a Good Fairy scattering her magic dust.

On 31st October 1998, Ya'ara was struck down by a violent germ that broke off the dreams, the beauty and the music.

We hope that, today, all the Good Fairies are floating around her and scattering their magic dust for her.

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