Camping at Ha-On with grandfather's camper

Bathing suits and two weeks of fun every year
A cookie in her hand of course,
But what is Tal planning there?
Camping at Neve Yam

What fun practicing guitar beside the sea, with the wind and smell of the sea.

Ya'ara still agreed to be photographed at this age

Look at her curls and eyes - one could get lost in them

On a Youth Movement trip

Ya'ara so loved going on trips - she became one with Nature


Memories are pictures we all have in our thought.
Memories are connected to all the senses. Sights, events, sounds of a voice, laughter, a look in the eyes, the fragrance of hair, the perfume, a hug and a touch.

It is hard to express memories in words.
Words cannot describe the expression in Ya'ara's eyes, her smile and peal of laughter, the sound of her voice, her wonderful fragrance, Ya'ara's dreams and thoughts or her loving hug.

All we have left to pass on are pictures.
Ya'ara has hundreds of pictures, each one a fraction of a second from her life.

We will try and change the pictures on the site from time to time. Try and see the expression in her eyes, her smile and the expression in her face; try and remember Ya'ara as she was. Warm, loving, smiling, understanding and dreamy.



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Ya'ara aged two
A smiling, curious, golden chick.
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