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Special Credits and links:

We thank to the wonderful artists who made those pictures. If you know artist's names or links that we couldn't reached, please e-mail us.

Here you will find the sites of some of the artists who made these pictures and some of fairies sites that wonderful to start with them.

The Artists who made the Fairies World real for us:

Josephine Wall

Mary Baxter St. Clair

Jonathon Bowser

Ron Byrum

Gilbert Williams

Amy Brown

Fairies Web Sites:

Chris Kringle - Lavendise Land

Jani Faeries

Hebrew Fairies site

Web Site Builders Help - Scripts and More:

Matt Wright - Scripts for GeastBooks, FormMail & More

Auto Centering Popuo window and more DHTML scripts

Cgi/Perl scripts and More

Html, JaveScript, Cgi/Perl and more Tutorials

Cgi/Perl Programming Tutorials